Terms of Referrence

  • Abstract

    Waterfalls Plunge Into The Abyss is an interdisciplinary artwork about the nature of time. The story is about a group of people from Banyuwangi who are trying to save the world from destruction because the time of the world has been taken away.

    The theme about the time is an amalgamation between the philosophical description of time by St. Augustine de Hippo in the work entitled Confession and observation of the Kala figure, contained in the legend of eclipses in Javanese mythology.

    As an interdisciplinary art, the end result of this artwork will be displayed in the form of performing art with a duration of 70 minutes; A combination of dance art, Kuntulan music art from Banyuwangi, theater arts, and media arts.

  • Referrence

    Waterfalls Plunge Into The Abyss has been performed in Gesibu, Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia on December 9, 2016. The performance was successful, and successfully invited 3000 spectators. The archive of this work can be accessed at www.palung.net for reference to what and how the form of this work.

  • Objective

    The purpose and objectives of this activity are:

    • a. A contribution of tourism development activities in Indonesia.
    • b. Strengthening international cooperation through art activities
    • c. A learning event through art collaboration activities between local and international artists
    • d. A collaboration of dance, music and multimedia experiment activities.
    • e. A creation Cultural mission embryo
    • f. An introduction of the cultural diversity of Banyuwangi into the realm of contemporary art in the national and international arena.

  • The Support of The First Performance

    In the first show, support was provided in a non-financial form by the Regional Government of Banyuwangi Regency. They have given permission and use of the Gesibu stadium and the facilities include assistance in the form of simple lighting. The Banyuwangi Tourism Department also provides assistance in the form of procurement of posters, invitations, and provision of snacks.

    Another supporter is the Wilwatikta Art School, Surabaya, where on this campus the workshops and remounting works have been done. Most of the casting of this work also comes from students who study in this school.

    Several artists from Australia also supported this first show, and became part of the show, both as a performer and as a technical supporter. Not to forget, local artists from Banyuwangi also provide support as musicians and performers.

    This work is a creation and was written by Bambang N Karim, an international artist born in Indonesia, but lives and works in Australia. In a performance in Banyuwangi, Bambang received support from Australia Council for The Arts, Australia.

    The support and support model as mentioned above will be used as a reference on how and what forms of support and sponsorship in the next performance elsewhere.

    In summary, with the notes that if this activity will be carried out as a not for profit activity, the necessary support items required elsewhere are:

    • a. A local government permission
    • b. A cultural VISA l mission for artists from Australia
    • c. Transportation
    • d. Airline cost
    • e. Accommodation for staff, musicians, and artist
    • f. Accommodation for Australian guests
    • g. Room or office for headquarter
    • h. Production cost
    • i Artwork Royalty
    • j. Artist Fee
    • k. Publication

  • Collaboration and Community Development

    This artwork also emphasizes collaborative activities and community development. This type of activity was undertaken during the process in Surabaya and Banyuwangi, in a form of workshop and artist talk.

  • Financial Support and Not For Profit

    This artwork is a not for profit activity. However, royalty and intellectual property must be paid. For the amount of royalty to be paid, please feel free to contact us. Meanwhile, the artist, and the worker involved will still receive the reward according to the contract agreement. As for the cost of production and the performance, it is always being planned to be shared between the supporters and sponsorship.

  • Milestone

    In December 9, 2016, a Waterfalls Plunge Into the Abyss has been successfully performed at Gesibu Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia.

    In April 2017, Bambang N Karim and Bekti Wartanti were having a meeting to discuss the possibility to perform the work in Jakarta.

    In April 2017, Bambang and Bekti met with Arum Kusuma Ning Tyas and Mery Kurniawan were having a meeting to discuss the possibility to perform the work in Jakarta.

    In April 2017, Bambang, Hari, Mr. Rofiq, met with Mr. Djarianto - Head of Tourism Department of East Java. The result of the meeting was the confirmation of the Tourism Office of East Java to become the curator / producer of Waterfalls Plunge Into The Abyss in East Java.

    In April 2017, Bambang, Hari and Pak Rofiq conducted a location scouting in Pandaan East Java and several places in Surabaya.

  • Time and Place

    The show is proposed to be held in December 2017, at 8 pm in Surabaya and Jakarta. For update, please always visit this page.

  • Organisation

    Bambang N Karim acts as Creator and Author, Director (Director), and Media artist. Hari Wirawan will act as Creative Consultant. For the performance in Surabaya, Bekti Wartanti will act as Executive Producer. These names are the principal contact and under each name there will be staff members.

    The supporters who reinforce the work during the event at Gesibu, Banyuwangi are Sahuni - Kuntulan artist and Kundaran legendary from Banyuwangi, then Supinah, performer and sinden from Banyuwangi, 20 students of Wilwatikta Art School of Surabaya and 20 Kundaran artists from Singojuruh village, Banyuwangi.

    Personal from Australia who reinforced the work during the performance in Banyuwangi is Reuben Lewis, a trumpeter, and Taran Ablitt who will be acting as Technical Director.

  • Sponshorship

    A budget plan will be prepared as soon as there is an expression of interest on this proposal. The amount of expenditure will be shared between the supporters and sponsors. Any sponsorship are welcomed and not necessarily in the form of money. The sponsor will:

    • Be included as a supporter of this activity in all publications and marketing activities
    • Get invitations and seating priorities