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Waterfalls Plunge Into The Abyss (Air Terjun Jatuh Ke Palung) is best performed in outdoor stage style within a large space area. The show requires 8 – 12 m height white scrim design in a bat wing shape that will function as a backdrop.

There are many and varied approaches to solve the staging of Waterfalls Plunge Into The Abyss (Air Terjun Jatuh Ke Palung).

Please download the technical specification and contact us to talk about what options would work best for your venue.




Time is such an abiding theme in conversations about philosophy, despite the fact that the final conclusion often runs into an impasse. It is because time is an essential and universal concept in one’s life journey. Time is also a relative concept in nature, where if time exists, it does so because it depends on the self-awareness (conscious mind) of the individual.

In neuroanatomical study, it’s a known a component in the human brain called striatum. This is the place where one can feel and understand the concept of time. It records and accumulates in self-consciousness whenever one starts doing something or completes something.
1*) Michael Brooks, Physics (Quercus Books, The Big Questions, 2010)

Humans are able to understand and measure the concept of time through the aid of clocks and watches, for example. But once humans do not have access to the means of such technology, their self-awareness of time begins to become chaotic. In 1960 a French geologist Michael Siffre conducted an experiment. He took off his watch and spent 60 days in the darkness of a caves. At the end of the experiment certain periods proved that Siffre’s perception of time became dispersed. In one example, an activity that he perceived he spent just over an hour doing, was in reality a task that he was carrying out for over five hours. 2*) Michael Brooks, Physics (Quercus Books, The Big Questions, 2010)

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Waktu  merupakan tema yang tidak kunjung habis dibicarakan di dalam diskusi filsafat, walaupun simpulan akhir di dalam pembicaraan tentang waktu itu sering  menemukan jalan buntu.  Bisa jadi karena waktu merupakan suatu konsep yang bersifat esensial dan universal dalam perjalanan hidup manusia di manapun,  meskipun waktu adalah suatu konsep yang bersifat relative, yakni tergantung pada kesadaran diri (conscious mind) setiap orang yang terjadi pada saat itu.

Di dalam fisiology  dikenal suatu jaringan di otak yang bernama striatum yang merupakan tempat dimana seseorang bisa merasakan dan mengerti akan konsep waktu. Di situlah bersemayamnya pencatatan dan akumulasi kesadaran diri saat seseorang mulai melakukan sesuatu dan menyelesaikannya.  1*) Michael Brooks, Physics (Quercus Books, The Big Questions, 2010)

Manusia  bisa  mengerti dan merasakan tentang konsep waktu, lewat bantuan jam dinding misalnya.  Namun begitu manusia tidak mendapatkan akses terhadap alat penghitung waktu, maka kesadaran diri mereka terhadap waktu akan mulai kacau.

Di tahun 1960 seorang geologist Prancis, Michael Siffre melakukan percobaan. Ia menanggalkan jam tangan dan memasuki kegelapan di suatu gua selama 60 hari. Di akhir percobaan terbukti bahwa persepsi Siffre terhadap waktu mulai buyar. Misalnya, saat ia mempunyai persepsi bahwa …

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From the explanation above, we see that discussions about time are a constant theme in the realm of philosophy. Of course, the same discussion has been happening in the field of science, religion, art, and sport.  There are many spectacular theories that trying to explain time such as Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. Yet still the question of time remains an open question that deserves further contemplation. Outside of those various explanations, the existence of time is an inherent human attribute that is a product of and a key to our consciousness. Because of this fact, time is often considered as a mere human illusion.  That said, if time is an illusion, it is at least an extremely useful illusion. Because there is one thing that has not changed about time within its existence in human consciousness, and that is, time is about change.

filming7Over time people change. Through time people can have memories. Through time people have hope – an attribute that can be a landmark change in the life of a human being. Such changes exist in the mythology of Java and Bali, where time is symbolized by the existence of Batara Kala (Sanskrit word). Batara Kala is also named as the creator of light and the earth who devours unlucky people.

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Dari penjelasan di atas, dapat disimpulkan bahwa pembicaraan tentang waktu dalam khasanah filsafat sudah dilakukan sekian lama. Tentu saja pembicaraan yang sama terjadi di dalam lingkup science, agama, seni, olah-raga, dll.  Banyak teori spektakuler yang mencoba menjelaskan tentang waktu seperti dikemukakan Albert Einstein. Namun sampai detik ini, pertanyaan tentang waktu masih merupakan suatu pertanyaan terbuka yang pantas untuk direnungkan.

Di luar berbagai penjelasan tentang waktu tersebut, eksistensi waktu merupakan atribut yang melekat pada manusia yang tersimpan secara relative pada kesadaran diri manusia. Karena itu bisa jadi waktu merupakan suatu ilusi manusia belaka.

filming4Meskipun demikian, apabila waktu adalah suatu ilusi, paling tidak, waktu merupakan ilusi yang berguna. Karena ada satu hal yang tidak berubah semenjak eksistensi waktu menjadi pertanyaan manusia, yakni waktu adalah perubahan. Lewat waktu manusia berubah. Lewat waktu manusia …

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How can the past and future be, when the past no longer is, and the future is not yet? As for the present, if it were always present and never moved on to become the past, it would not be time, but eternity.

Augustine of Hippo